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There are numerous decisions to make when upfitting an Emergency Vehicle by todays standards. Not only do you have a budget to consider, but what products are to be installed, what accessories are needed and what items are available for the Vehicle you are building. Lighting Levels, Airbag Zones, Passenger Comfort, Communications placement and Graphics all have to be considered in the planning stage. During the build, problems could arise due to product compatability or size restrictions. Having Installers that are trained to todays standards are necessary to handle these unforeseen problems that might keep the Vehicle from being completed in a timely manner. 

We currently have Emergency Vehicle Technician Certification Commission (EVTCC)
certified Installers on staff that are trained to the standards of current Emergency Vehicles.

Whether you are adding additional Lighting or upgrading your Fleet, be sure your installers have the proper training to safely complete the install on your Vehicle. 



Are you trying to keep a keep a specific look to your fleet? Do you need to add additional equipment or modify your current equipment to upgrade your system? Contact us today to discuss your options and come up with some solutions to modify your current system.

We are a certified Whelen Warranty Repair Center. We can diagnose problems and work with the Manufacturer to repair or replace any damaged or failed components you may have. Contact us today for all of your repair needs.